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Looking for best Thai food in Boston, Nud Pob Thai Cuisine is your first choice and you won't be disappointed. Our menu is stealing the hearts of all the visitors and has a well know name in Boston, MA. At Nud Pob Thai Cuisine we aim to provide an everlasting impression on one’s mind by providing outstanding service and authentic taste of traditional Thai cuisine. At Nud Pob Thai Cuisine we have multiple options to choose from spicy to plenty of dishes that aren’t spicy. We welcome you to Nud Pob Thai Cuisine and enjoy Dine in, or order online for Takeout & delivery

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About Nud Pob Thai Cuisine
Awesome Features

Our Awesome Features

Various Menu

You can find all your favourite Thai Meals, Seafood and more at the Nud Pob Thai Cuisine.

Well Service

Nud Pob Thai Cuisine is Professional and always courteous to each customer providing the best experience.

Fresh Dishes

Nud Pob Thai Cuisine Strives on Providing fresh and delicious Meals Daily.

Our Delicious Menu

What Say Our Customer

Kao Nah Ped, which is the duck rice plate with thick sweet soy sauce over Chinese broccoli and a hard boiled egg was my favorite dish from here for years. There was an employee who would tease me about getting the same dish every time

Kelly Cambridgeport

The atmosphere is on par with any fast food Asian Restauraunt.However, don't sleep on this little place. The food is delicious and if you're not familiar with Thai food they have photos on the wall of most of their dishes

Luigi D

Delicious!!! The texture and seasoning, especially of the fried pork, was absolutely amazing

Gray McCanse

Quick and affordable Thai for downtown Boston. Not upscale dining but are you really looking for that in thai food? Hole in the wall spot owned by a local family with solid food.

Minh-Tam Nguyen

It's a fun college student type restaurant with good food.It's not a first date kind of place. More of a let's eat a lot of good food for a good price.

nick peloquin